You should give your name, AIR, interests or inclinations while asking for help. If you don’t have any specific interest then say that as well. It’s perfectly all right to not have passion or interest for a specific branch or subject when you are in class 12th. but try to list all factors important to you. More information you provide, higher the quality of advise you will get. You should spend lot of time in deciding your priority order because it will decide your career. Good luck in getting your priority order right!

There are many ways to get our help.


1 – Most Interactive Help by IIT(BHU) Students and Alumni:

Please send a request to join IIT(BHU) Varanasi JEEE counselling Facebook Group. Here is link — IIT (BHU) Varanasi JEE Counselling – Facebook Group If you don’t have Facebook account then you can create one quickly. You will get views from many current students and alumni about your situation. If that’s not possible then 2nd option,

2 – Visit a blog exclusively maintained by IIT(BHU) Students for JEE counselling:

Blog has lot of information about experience of current students and recent graduates. Explore it and drop a line in comment section there for any additional queries. Here is link — Life @ IIT(BHU) Varanasi

3. Email  and students will revert back:

Drop a line at :  iitbhu.counsel@gmail.com

You can also talk to students and ask questions. Students will be taking question for branches listed with their names.
Pawan (Mech 3rd) : +91-8127055787 (All branches except Bio-chem)
Rishabh (Chem 3rd) : +91-9818520103 (All branches except Bio-med)
Aseem (Bio-chem 2nd) :+91-9871410816 (Bio-chem, Bio-med)
Vaibhav (CSE 2nd) : +91-7597523554 (Civil, CSE, MNC)
Vyom (ECE 3rd) : +91-8808716311 (Trical, Tronics, Chemical)
Apoorv (SMST 3rd) : +91-9927600762 (Material Sc. & Technology)
Vinay (Mining 3rd) : +91-8871717951 (Mining)
Apoorv (ECE 2nd) : +91-7607709517 (Electrical, Electronics)
Shubham (Cera 3rd) : +91-9598529809 (Industrial Chemistry, Engg.Physics, Ceramic)
Prasoon (CSE 2nd) : +91-9871108733 (Engg. Physics, CSE, MNC)
Lovish (Meta 3rd) : +91-9760887690 (Civil, Meta)
Anurag (Pharma 3rd) : +91-8601249171 (Pharma, Mining)
Yash (Bio-chem 3rd): +91-8655999315 (Bio-chem)
Akasmat (Cera 2nd) : +91-8339982037 (Mining, Meta, Cera)