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Q1: Why should I opt for Electronics Engineering at IIT(BHU) Varanasi?

If you have a fascination for “gadgets” like laptops, mobiles, tablets and want to know how they work and want to make your own intelligent systems, then do not hesitate to take this branch.

Electronics engineering is a high-tech circuit branch which has a lot of market value. This field is pretty active and exciting, with new developments happening each day. There are a lot of exciting jobs available in this field. Almost all of the world’s major electronic industries have their R&D centers in India which provides ample opportunities for job in India and abroad.

The electronics engineering department at IIT-BHU is also one of the best departments in the institute. It publishes the largest number of research papers in the whole of BHU. The faculty is highly capable too. This department has a big alumni base which excels in core electronics as well as various other fields.

Q2: What is the difference between Electronics and Electrical engineering at IIT(BHU) Varanasi.

The primary difference is that electrical engineering deals with power, electrical machines and its control systems whereas electronics deals with semiconductor devices, circuits and communications.

Electronics engineering has courses on semiconductor devices, microprocessors, communication systems, signal processing, wireless systems, Analog and Digital Circuits including VLSI. These topics require a good knowledge of physics i.e. electromagnetic theory, circuit theory and very good logical skills which will be taught in the B.Tech. course. Electronics also has some courses from the electrical engineering dept.

Electrical engineering has courses in electrical machines like motors, transformers, power transmission, control systems, circuit theory etc. These are more focused towards power utilization, efficiency and its control. Electrical also has some electronics courses.

Both are exceptional branches and you should choose one based on your topics of interest. Also note that some IITs only have electrical engineering as a branch but it has both electrical and electronics courses and you can chose which one you want to specialize in.

Q3: How is the placement scenario of Electronics at IIT(BHU) Varanasi?

The department has a great placement record. The people who have real interest in electronics and who work hard towards this field get the best electronics jobs through campus placements in companies like NVidia, Qualcomm, Freescale semiconductors, Samsung etc.

Electronics engineers are usually also adept in computers and get good jobs in the software industry. Electronics industry usually follows the trend that the packages after joining increases pretty fast if you are good at your job.

  • Avg package – 8.93 LPA
  • Highest package – 22 LPA
  • Lowest package – 2 LPA
  • Many in companies like Zynga, Tata Steel, mykaarma, Citrix, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Yahoo, Broadcom, nVidia, Freescale Semiconductors, Cadence R&D and many more

Plenty of options in core as well as in non-core jobs. Students have a wide number of choices.

Q4: Difference Electronics offered at IIT-BHU and electronics and comm at other IITs.

Course content is almost the same. No significant difference.

Q5: I am also interested in programming. I may want to pursue a branch change to CS. How bright is my chance of getting a branch change? How does branch change option compares with other IITs?

IIT-BHU provides branch change option for top 10% of the class. Some IITs are very restrictive. For Example, IIT Roorkee allows only top 2% of students to opt for a branch change. Clearly, that makes it 5 times more difficult. It’s still difficult at IIT(BHU) Varanasi but you can work hard in your first year. Even if you don’t manage to get your desired branch change, you end up with a fantastic branch at a great institute and in BHU-Electronics you have every opportunity to pursue a career in software field.

Q6: I have few reasonable options at other established IITs and basically all options at new IIT’s. Why should I go for Electronics at IIT-BHU?

There are two factors to be considered,

1. Branch
2. Institute

Branch is something which decides what you would do all your life. So choosing a branch has great ramifications on the future of your career. If you do a management or non-engineering related job then branch is a non-factor but very few of you have thought about your career paths right now. So sort out your interests before choosing a branch. Think what you would want to do all your life? Do you see yourself interested in “gadgets”? Want to know how they work and want to make your own intelligent systems, then do not hesitate to take this branch. This is one of the core branches in Engineering.

Institute also adds to the brand value of a person. People usually tend to attach a college with every person so it would help if your college has a better brand image. IIT(BHU) Varanasi is ranked in top 5-6 colleges in India. Institute has the largest alumni network. Brand name was already a huge one and with IIT tag it will get even better.

In short, you are getting a fantastic combination of college and branch by opting for Electronics at IIT(BHU) Varanasi. Note that you have just completed your 12th and have studied just Physics, Chemistry and Maths so you may not fully know your interests yet. Make sure you make a choice that you don’t regret later. Pay a lot of attention on the delicate balance between branch and Institute.

Q7: Can I expect to secure a seat at IIT-BHU ECE if my JEE rank is in the range of 2100-2200?

JEE Counselling 2013 would be the first time when IIT-BHU shall be listed as an IIT. Many students in last few years didn’t prefer IIT-BHU just because it was not an IIT. Last year there was just an anticipation that IT-BHU “MIGHT” become IIT and then we saw substantial jump in opening and closing ranks. This year when IIT status has been accorded, a  higher out-sized jump than the last year is expected.  Here is how opening and closing ranks were impacted last year.

  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2011:  2166 – 2917
  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2012:  1791 – 2684
  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2013:  ????  – ????  [ Use your judgement ]

Electronics BHU may close before 2100. Odds may not be too high but you do have a chance of getting Electronics at IIT-BHU if your rank is in the range of  2100-2200.  Last year many students didn’t anticipate a jump while filling the order of their choices. As result, few were assigned some unexpected options. So make sure that you consider this fact before filling the choices of your seats.

It will depend on how many students ranked higher than you opt for IIT-BHU Electronics. If you fear missing Electronics at BHU by few ranks then you can explore IIT-BHU Electrical as an alternative.

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