Department establishment : July 1983

Research focus : Artificial Intelligence, Neuro Computing, Parallel Processing , Software Engineering, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Datamining and Webmining, Biometrics and semantic web


Q1 : How does IIT-BHU CSE compare with CSE department of other top IITs like Kanpur, Delhi or Bombay?

IIT-BHU CSE boasts to possess one of the best Coding culture in IIT system. IIT-BHU won the Inter IIT Coding Event 2013. ACM IIT-BHU Chapter and Programming club organize special workshops for first year students. Hacker Rank Trophy 2013, top spots in Codechef charts, 8th international spot in GSoC rankings.

Q2 : Tell me something special about the course structure @ IIT-V CSE!!!

The course structure is at par with other IITs and other major foreign Universities. CSE at IIT-BHU gives you an opportunity to choose from courses ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Networking. Courses like Data Structures and Discrete Mathematics are covered as early as third semester. Post IIT-Conversion, course structure is seeing serious revisions. For example, unnecessary subjects like Material Science have been removed from 2013 session.

Q3 : How is placement Scenario at IIT-BHU CSE?

Placements at IIT-BHU is comparable to any of the established IITs. An awesome coding culture and an extensive alumni network contribute to this. The highest package offered in session 2014-2015 was around 2.03 Crore ( exact figure depends on what currency exchange rate you use).

You have companies like Microsoft Google, Facebook etc visiting the campus to hire for their Seattle/California office. All major companies from India also visit the campus. Many students receive 2 or 3 offers. Placements are the last concern an IIT-BHU CSE student can have. The companies that visited IIT BHU for placements of CSE students in 2014-15 were actually more than the batch strength.

Q4: What big names visit IIT-BHU during placement?

Most companies that recruit from Indian institutions visit us. Following are the major names that visited us in 2014-15 for placements or internships: Google, Visa, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Epic, Amazon, Walmart, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Scachs, Paypal, Adobe, InMobi, DE Shaw, Nutanix and many more. Generally a lot of students receive PPOs (Pre placement offers) even before the placements start.
Q5: What benefits do I avail in internships and projects as a student of IIT-BHU CSE?

  1. Firstly, IIT-BHU Culture keeps you aware of internships opportunities round the globe. Major intern offers are circulated on official email IDs.
  2. Secondly, most major companies visit our campus and offer internships apart from placements. Recently companies have even started offering interns to second year students unlike most other IITs. For a record, Amazon took as many as 4 students for 2nd year internship.
  3. Thirdly, the vast IIT-BHU Alumni network gives you an extra advantage. There are many alumni-sponsored intern schemes.

Q6: How is the IDD program at IIT-V CSE?

IDD programs are 5 year courses which offer both B Tech as well as M Tech degrees at the end of 5 yr course. Infact IDD students have bagged better placements due to the extra qualification (M Tech) they have. Not many know that IDD students receive a scholarship worth 1 lakh from Govt of India if they successfully qualify in the GATE exam in their 4th year. If you don’t mind spending an extra year or if you are missing B Tech CSE by few ranks, then IDD CSE is worth giving a shot. At the end of the day it makes you postgraduate and saves an year of yours.

Q7: I am interested in technology and management, both. Is IIT-BHU CSE a good choice if I decide to pursue MBA after B.Tech.?

Of course yes!!!! You cannot predict your field of interest 4 years hence. IIT-BHU CSE offers you a scope of all round development. You may end up in a Multi-National or a high-end Research lab or take up MBA studies. However, CS program provides lot of opportunity in core field and requires dedicated efforts. Department is light and gives you enough time to explore other avenues.

Given below is an example, the profile of CSE 2000 Batch. You can see that many from the class went on to do MBA from either IIMs or top universities in USA. Institute provides great opportunities for personality developments and now with the addition of IIT brand name, it will be even easier for students at IIT(BHU) Varanasi irrespective of branch you join.

Class of 2000 CSE

Q8: Is there any official ranking of CS department of IITs? If yes then where IIT-BHU CSE gets ranked?

We are among the top CS department in country but we haven’t seen any independent agency rankings of CS departments. You can explore overall ranking of IIT-BHU to get some idea. Reputed independent third parties have ranked IIT-BHU among top 5-6 institutes in India.
Q9: I know that IIT conversion is helpful but anything else which can take the department to greater heights in future?

Prof. Rajeev Sangal has been appointed as the director of IIT(BHU) Varanasi few months ago. He did his B.Tech from IIT-Kanpur and subsequently MS/PhD in computer Sc. from University of Pennsylvania. He was head of CS department for few years at IIT-Kanpur. He lead a newly established International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad(IIIT-H) as a director and in one decade made it into a world class institute. CS department of IIIT-H is testament of what he did there in one decade.

Now if he was able to do all this for a newly established department then you can imagine what he can do for a already one of the top CS department of IIT. Under his guidance, CS department is ready to reach even greater heights.
Q10: Can I expect to secure a seat at IIT-BHU CSE if my JEE rank is in the range of 1100-1200?

JEE Counselling 2013 would be the first time when IIT-BHU shall be listed as an IIT. Many students in last few years didn’t prefer IIT-BHU just because it was not an IIT. Last year there was just an anticipation that IT-BHU “MIGHT” become IIT and then we saw closing rank’s jump of 700  for B Tech and 900 for IDD. This year when IIT status has been accorded, a similar or higher out-sized jump is pretty much expected.

B.Tech BHU CSE :

  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2011:  1548-2509
  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2012:  1085-1848
  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2013: ???  – ??? [ Use your judgement, you are bright enough ]


  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2011:  2527-2967
  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2012:  1855-2136
  • Opening & Closing ranks in 2013:  ???  – ???  [ Use your judgement, you are bright enough ]

It’s difficult to predict if the closing rank’s jump will be in the range of 700-900 or different. You are bright enough to clear IIT-JEE so use your judgement. Odds may not too high but you do have a reasonable chance of getting CS ( B.tech or IDD) at IIT-BHU if your rank is in the range of 1100-1200.  Put both options as your top choices. Last year many students didn’t anticipate such an out-sized jump while filling the order of their choices. As result, few were assigned some unexpected options.

It will depend on how many students ranked higher than you opt for IIT-BHU CSE. In case, you fear missing IIT-BHU CSE by few ranks, then IIT-BHU Electrical and IIT-BHU Electronics are another good option for you. IIT-BHU provides branch change option for top 10% of the class. Some IITs are very restrictive. For Example, IIT Roorkee allows only top 2% of students to opt for a branch change. Clearly, that makes it 5 times more difficult. It’s still difficult at IIT(BHU) Varanasi but you can work hard in your first year. Even if you don’t manage to get your desired branch change, you end up with a fantastic branch at a great institute.


Dear All students from JEE (especially those asking about CSE at IIT BHU),

First of all, congratulations! Clearing the JEE is a big achievement, and I am sure that your family is very happy too.

As far as your question is concerned, I was in a similar situation in 1999, when I could pick CSE in Roorkee (before it was IIT), CSE in IIT BHU, and CSE in IIT Guwahati, with my JEE rank of 815. I chose CSE B.Tech at IIT BHU, and have always been happy with my decision. I went for a summer internship to Paris in my 3rd year, and PhD in Los
Angeles afterwards at the Univ. of Southern California. Now I am a researcher in France at Inria, their top research lab. My classmates are in the IAS, did their MBAs from IIMs or top business schools in the USA, and one is even a script writer in Bollywood! The environment at IIT BHU is a unique one due to the presence of the university, due to which I was able to get a diploma in French in the evenings.

For your case, I strongly recommend choosing B.Tech in CSE at IIT BHU. With the IIT conversion, we will be getting much more funds, which will lead to even better facilities and more faculty. Also, the alumni community at IIT BHU is very strong and passionate, and we are always ready to provide help to our juniors. I, for one, will be available for you if you have any questions during your degree :).

Regarding dual degree courses, some find them more attractive, and I know some students at CSE IIT BHU who are in the IDD program and have visited my lab in summer 2010 and 2011. That is also a great option, if you intend to invest 5 years in it.

Hope this helps. Do let me know if you have any other questions.


CSE 2003
animesh AT gmail

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